Find Your Ideal Client In 15 Minutes

Look into your prospects mind and identify what your best client looks like

in this done-with-you Action Guide from Growth Architect Beate Chelette

How to Find Better Paying Clients

“I walked away way with the messaging, packaging and language that we were missing, Now we can really target the type of client that we want and know how to solve their problems.”

~ Kim Schwartz

You've heard this question a thousand times before...

What keeps your prospects up at night?

To get you started and organized we created this outline for you to create your Airtight Avatars that will help you to learn who your ideal client is so that you can find better paying clients.

We've designed a tool that helps our clients to figure out where the business is stuck or pieces have been missed.

The Airtight Avatar is one of our most popular tools in our 5 Star Success Blueprint and we are giving it to you for FREE. That's how much we want you to succeed


Beate Chelette is the Growth Architect  and provides visionaries with clear steps to improve business systems to maximize profits and scale impact.


A first-generation immigrant with $135,000 in debt single parent Beate bootstrapped her passion for photography into a global business and sold it for millions to Bill Gates.


She host "The Business Growth Architect Show" and is in the “Top 100 Global Thought Leaders” and “One of 50 Must Follow Women Entrepreneurs” by HuffPost.