Dominate Your Market with Unseen Precision

Using This Revolutionary Tool: 

Introducing the

Airtight Avatar

Persuade Your Dream Client in Just 15 Minutes:

Have your prospects go from "I Have This Problem And I Don't Know What to Do..."

to " Your Offer Is Exactly What I've Been Looking For! When Can We Get Started?"

AIRTIGHT AVATAR: "The ONLY Step-by-Step Tool on

How To Stop Guessing Your Prospects True Needs and Desires"

Are you a Coach or Consultant,

constantly asking yourself:

Where are my ideal clients who can pay me what I am worth?

Then I ask you:

Do you know who exactly your ideal clients are?

How many Avatars do you have?

Are you addressing their pain points?

When was the last time you did a market research on what matters to them RIGHT NOW?

Because I can just about guarantee you that in 80% of the cases, if

you have NOT looked at your Avatar in the last 6 to 9 months,

it probably has changed SIGNIFICANTLY.


Because people's value systems have changed a lot in the last 12 months. 

Yours probably did too.

That’s why I have created this precision tool to finding your

Airtight Avatar

Imagine this scenario...

Mr/Ms. Prospect: "Well, this sounds great, and I like you BUT I am not ready to move forward with your proposal…”

The thing is, you knew exactly what your prospect needed and how to help them. You were sure to close this one… You just knew it. You were certain. You already chilled the champagne…🍾

The conversation went great and then they said NO. 

While it “sounded good” and they “certainly were interested” they didn’t think this is the solution that will solve their issue right now. They wanted to “think about it” and “get back to you.” 


🤦‍♀️ ...Two days later you find out that they went with your competitor instead. 🤦‍♀️

What the heck just happened? 


These are the frustrating results of not having a clear understanding of who you are selling to and not speaking to them in a language that resonates with them.

When you don't have a clear Airtight Avatar

here is what often happens:

Messaging Mismatch: Without understanding your ideal client, your messaging often fails to resonate. You're speaking one language, and they're hearing another.

This misunderstanding leads to lost opportunities and stagnating sales.

Ineffective Solutions: If you're not clear about your exact clients' problems, how can you offer solutions that make sense to them? 

Wishful Thinking: Without a defined avatar, you're essentially shooting in the dark. Your marketing efforts and resources are spent targeting a broad audience rather than focusing on your Airtight Avatar who is most likely to convert.

One-Time Buyers: When clients have a “just OK” experience, they are likely to seek better ones from your competitors. This often has something to do with you giving them too much. Yes, very counterintuitive, I know.

High Client Acquisition Cost: Ultimately, not having a clear avatar will stunt your business growth. Without understanding your clients, you cannot tailor your products, services, or marketing strategy effectively because there is no clear client transformation journey. They buy once and then they seek the next level solution somewhere else.

The Airtight Avatar will help you tackle all of these in no-time

And I want to give it to you, for just $7.

For the price of a fancy coffee, you're getting access to a tool

that can seriously change the course of your entire business.

So why wait?

Have you ever asked yourself:

Who is my ideal client who has the money to pay me what I am worth?

As a business owner, identifying your ideal client is the bedrock of your success.

But finding that ideal client? That's where it gets tricky.

That’s why we've developed a blueprint to make it easy for you, our done-with-you blueprint - the Airtight Avatar. An Airtight Avatar isn't a basic client profile or a persona. It’s not a broad audience type thing like on Facebook.

Instead, it's a deep dive into the psyche of your best-fit client. It was devised by Beate Chelette, The Growth Architect, as the foundational step of her 5-Star Success Blueprint.

It allows you to uncover the emotional, and personal needs of your clients, as well as their worries and desires. You'll explore the age, gender, personal needs, aspirations, and concerns of your potential customers.

You'll delve into their lifestyle, habits, and decision-making process.

And most importantly, you'll learn what they couldn’t care less about, allowing you to cut the waste, streamline your marketing, and sales approach effectively. In a short span of 15 minutes, you'll get to know your ideal client.

We call this “crawling into the head of your clients.” Along with the blueprint, you'll also have access to a short, concise, how-to video to make the process even easier.With the Airtight Avatar, we help you to humanize your clients.

By giving them names, faces, and real personalities, you'll start to understand your audience at a deeper, more empathetic level.

We're offering you this powerful blueprint for just $7.Imagine the growth you can achieve by understanding your clients inside out. Picture the business decisions you can make when you know exactly who your clients are and what they need.

That's the power of the Airtight Avatar.

These Can Be Your Results Once You Understand Your Prospects On A Deeper Emotional Level

Your ideal client is waiting to be discovered.

Uncover them with the Airtight Avatar.


Well, let’s start with who I’m not.

I’m NOT some marketing "guru".

I’m NOT a consultant who went to an internet marketer and took a weekend workshop on how to be a business consultant (don’t get me started on that….

This is everything I know. (I’ve only ever taught what we’ve used in our business and ONLY what has worked well for us).

I started in early 1993.

I had just been laid off with a six-month-old baby girl during a massive, prolonged and painful recession and had no choice but to build my first business in a month.

Representing photographers and producing still photography shoots for awesome clients like Levi’s, Wrangler, Mercedes Benz, BMW…Then the decade of bad luck happened. Fires, floods, riots, an earthquake, a lawsuit, 9/11, and a Tsunami…

I then shifted my focus to building a business that would make money while I wasn’t there. I started my stock photography business BeateWorks.

Licensing images of high-end homes to clients like Coldwell Banker, Taschen Publishing, just about every magazine you ever held in your hands anywhere in the world, coffee table books, and even that bicycle on leaning in Amsterdam against the railing of a bridge that Ikea sold millions of copies off is ours.

You can see my name on it, to this day. Along with the photographer's name, Fernando Bengoechea whom we lost in the Tsunami.

Crazy story.

Sad story. 

And then in 2006 I turned it around, I sold my business to Bill Gates for millions.

At that time I was the global leader in my industry with licensing agreements into 79 countries. We sold home stories of Madonna, Francis Ford Coppola, Seal, Simon Baker, Teri Hatcher, and Cindy Crawford. 

What I am saying is that this is not the princess story. I didn’t wake up a princess and nobody handed me a crown asking me to be the queen. I worked for this.


I remember that as I was going through this I thought to myself, somebody, at some point must derive a benefit from this, because this just isn’t normal. 

True story.

But the focus here is really on you. How do we get you to have a better success story to tell?

Maybe one with a crazy happy ending like me? 

You have to take the first step:

Get the Airtight Avatar

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will I Get Access To The Blueprint?

As soon as you sign up you’ll get an email with step-by-step instructions. Inside the email is the link to a portal where you can go and download the guide and watch a 15-min video where I will take you through step-by-step on how to fill out the blueprint so that you can finally unveil your Ideal Client. We will be sending you a series of companion emails to keep on track.

Can’t I Find This Information On YouTube?

We understand there's a lot of free information out there on YouTube. You are certainly welcome to search. But why waste time when I’ve done all the work for you and it’s only $7?

I had to convince my team to let me practically give this away.  Even though it is so valuable and we did all the heavy lifting for you. Besides, most of the videos on YouTube focus a lot on the bigger concepts - the WHY you need it, whereas this blueprint gives you the HOW. I am pretty sure you know the why by now and you are more interested in the how. And I’m taking you through this myself.  

Not just that, you also get tons of insider tips that we’ve learned over the years of what not to do, what really matters to them and you get all of this for just $7. Frankly, it’s more like stealing this.

How much does the Airtight Avatar Blueprint cost?

Despite the potential of you making hundreds of thousands of dollars with this information, the blueprint is available for just $7.

Questions? We're here for you.

Email us at

[email protected]

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